30 Days Wild 2020 - Day 2 - Herb Loving Insects

Today's 30 Days Wild activity saw me looking for insects in my herb garden.  The herb garden contains lots of foliage and flowers that insects love.  It was also interesting to see which herbs each insect prefered!  This part of the garden currently contains mint (in vast quantities), lemon balm, sage (currently flowering), thyme (currently flowering), lavender (buds forming) and majoram.

The honey bees only had time for the thyme.  They weren't interested in anything else.  Clearly they have lots of thyme on their hands...

Honey Bee

The bumblebees on the other hand were all about the sage flowers.  I love the way the flower looks like its swallowing them up when they go in and then wiggle back out again!

White Tailed Bumblebee

The ladybirds were keen on any nice foliage.  Probably thinking about laying their eggs on it.


And seeing quite how much mint there is in this bed, its probably unsurprising that there were plenty of mint moths around!  Although, despite the name, they are perfectly happy hiding under pretty much any of the foliage here!

Hiding Mint Moth