30 Days Wild 2020 - Day 3 - Wild Reading

The weather has gone colder today and I've had some bits and bobs to get done today so my wild task today is doing some reading on some common and exciting things to see in the month of June.  The book I'm reading is "Nick Baker's British Wildlife, A Month By Month Guide."  It was first published in 2003 (which is surprisingly modern for many of my wildlife books!)  Its a very lovely book that I can thoroughly recommend for a generic overview of what's going on in the natural world each month of the year - I like to try and read each month's entry near the beginning of month.

Without giving you all the fun facts in this book, I thought I'd jot down some of the things that Nick Baker thinks you should try and look out for this month!  As we are still only easing our Covid-19 lockdown, I'm mostly going to focus on ones that are more likely to be accessible via your garden or in your local area.

  • Look for babies, of all varieties
    • Fox cubs
    • Fledgling birds of all varieties
    • Froglets and toadlets
  • Look for nesting sea birds
  • Look for newts (but remember that some are protected and shouldn't be disturbed!)
  • If you live near the sea, look in rockpools for crabs and blennies
  • Look for stag beetles
  • Go butterfly and moth hunting
  • Look for orchids and elderflowers

So there you have Nick Baker's nature suggestions.  Now I can't be leaving you without a photo.  My husband took today's photo - a fledgling rook who was apparently clammouring for food from its parents and making an awful lot of noise!  He also thinks we have a baby squirrel too, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that when I'm at home!

Fledgling Rook