30 Days Wild 2020 - Day 13 - A Sunny Walk

Today, we decided to take a pleasant walk out in our local countryside.  We started off in the village of Sutton and walked down to Sutton Gault where we turned right towards Mepal and walked along the inner bank of the New Bedford River up to Mepal.  We then came through the village and across the old airfield until we ended up back in Sutton.

It was a very pleasant walk - quite hot due to the sun, but the cool breeze by the water helped us not feel too hot.  There were plenty of butterflies and damselflies around.  We also saw some cows and gypsy ponies.  While we were going across the old airfield, we also saw a lot fo rabbits, a Muntjac deer and a female Pheasant and her brood of youngsters!

Summer Walk Summer Walk