30 Days Wild 2020 - Day 15 - A Close Encounter

I headed out into the garden this afternoon just as the skies started clouding over and a little tiny rain shower began.  (Honestly, the clouds can do better than that, barely got me wet).  I was intending to go on a moth hunt for my 30 Days Wild today but I got sidetracked by something far more amazing.

I was chasing a cat out of my garden, when I noticed another movement off to the side heading down towards the pond.  So I headed over to look and there was this beautiful Muntjac Deer just staring at me.  Unfortunately it had blocked itself into a dead end and so opted for the approach of "if I stand really really still, maybe I'll become invisible."  Sadly for it, it definitely wasn't invisible, but I didn't try and get too close - it was one side of the pond, I was across the pond and further back into the lawn, perhaps 3m away?  It let me take a few photos and then I quietly retreated and let it go about its business.  But it was such an amazing encounter with a wild deer that wasn't in a nature reserve or deer park - an actual real wild deer!  So amazing!

Could those beautiful eyes get any bigger!?

Muntjac Deer