Hello!  I'm Stephanelli.  I'm from the delightfully flat fenlands of Cambridgeshire where I live with my husband and pet mice.  Let me give you an introduction to my blog...

About The Blog
This website is an accumulation of three previous blogs I worked on.   In an effort to simplify my life and make things less confusing for my readers, they will all be featured here, although some more than others.

The first was Stephanelli Designs which is the name I've decided to keep using.  This started as a personal craft blog over on Wordpress in 2014.  I wanted to share my latest crafting projects and share some patterns.  In 2017 I decided to focus more on knitting and crochet as these were the areas that I most enjoyed, and still do.  The second blog I worked on was Stephanelli's Wild Adventures.  This blog let me share my photos and love of nature.  I used to volunteer regularly at Godmanchester Nature Reserve (Cambridgeshire) and spent many happy hours walking around my village and those near me.  I started this blog as part of the Wildlife Trusts' 30 Days Wild Campaign.  I did this for two years (2015 and 2016) but due to personal circumstances, decided not to blog about it in the following years.  Finally, the third blog, which will be featured only occasionally, is Stephanelli's Musical Adventures.  This allowed me to share a love of music.  However, I have recently decided that this doesn't fulfil me like blogging on the other subjects does, so I intend to share my musical talents elsewhere in my life.

This blog has taken the name of my original blog, Stephanelli Designs, as I felt it was most appropriate.  Here I intend to share my love of crafting while giving you an insight into my life with some cute pet photos, the odd excursion into the wilderness of Great Britain and transport you to new places with some musical adventures.

It should also be said that I am very willing to undertake commissions to make an item especially for you at a reasonable price.  Do get in contact with me!