A Crafter's Diary: 4th - 10th April 2020

Gosh, it's been a while since I graced this blog with my presence!  With the outbreak of Covid-19 affecting our everyday lives, I decided it was time to re-establish a blogging schedule.  The outbreak and the subsequent lockdown has enabled me to really focus on the things that make me happy - my crafting and my garden.  In this post, I'm going to show the things I've been crafting this week.  In my next post (in a few days time) I'll show you treats from my garden.

Finished Objects
Let's start off with some things that I've finished this week!  Earlier this year, I brought my first spinning wheel and while I haven't introduced her to you on the blog, she features heavily on my Instagram.  Last weekend I finished up a beautiful spinning project on her - my Northern Lights spin.  The fibre for this was brought from World of Wool a little while ago.  I got 25g in each colourway in the series.

Northern Lights
Structure: Basic 2-ply
Fibre Content: 100% Merino
Drive Ratio: 14:1 (both singles and plying)
Number of Skeins: 11 (1 in each colourway)
Total Weight Spun: 270g
Total Plied Length: 543m

Northern Lights

Works In Progress
There are many WIPs in my life.  Obviously!  Life would be boring without lots of projects.  Let's start with the spinning WIPs.

Herb Butter
Structure: Undecided, I've spun a single, I'll decide on plying when its rested sufficiently
Fibre Content: 100% Blue Faced Leicester
Drive Ratio: 8:1
I dyed and blended the fibre myself.  Around 40% is dyed with Henna and an Alum mordant, 40% is dyed with Chamomile and an Alum mordant and the final 20% is dyed with Landscapes Acid Dye "Fern".  The ratios are approximate!  Once dyed, I blended the fibres on my blending board to make 4 big rologs which are a nightmare to spin from.  The lesson here is to make several rolags from a full blending board (not one large rolog).  Fibre and dyes all came from Wingham Woolwork.

Herb Butter

Glitzy Mallard
Structure: Cabled 4-ply
Fibre Content: 70% Merino, 30% Rainbow Dyed Trilobal Nylon
Drive Ratio: 18:1
Fibre is from the World of Wool Glitzy Range!  The shininess does not show true on this photo, it is awesome!  I'm spinning it as fine as I feel I can at this time with the hope I end up with fingering weight yarn in the end.

Glitzy Mallard

At this point, we'll move onto some knitting, crochet and weaving WIPs.

Trick of the Light (Mystery Knit-Along)
Yarn: Patons 4-ply Cotton
Needle: 4mm
This project is a Mystery Knit-Along hosted by Susanna Winters of Talvi Knits - the pattern is available on Ravelry.  We are knitting a fingering weight shawl and the clues get released once a week.  We've had two clues so far - the photo is me partway through the 2nd clue.

Trick of the Light MKAL

Crochet Basket
Yarn: Stylecraft Candy Swirl and Jacobs DK (brought in a shop in Scotland where a lady was spinning them)
Hook: 3.25mm
This project was one of those I started when the Covid-19 outbreak began as a way to keep my hands busy while enjoying video chats with friends and family.  I crocheted as many basic Granny Squares as I could from the Stylecraft yarn, made an extra one with the Jacobs DK and now I'm using the Jacobs DK to join them all together.  I have 3 out of 5 sides done!

Granny Square Basket

Seafoam Scarf
Yarn: Handspun!
Needles: 5mm (I think)
This project started because I wanted an easy project to show off the beautiful colours in my andspun yarn.  This yarn was what I made from my 2018 Advent Calendar that I made for myself using some art batts I brought on Etsy.  The pattern I found on Ravelry.

Seafoam Scarf

Woven Scarf
Yarn: Random mix from my stash!
Loom: Basic Tapestry Loom with Heddle Bar
I've been wanting to weave a basic scarf for ages, but I just hadn't been able to work out how to warp my loom.  Finally we got it sorted and I've started weaving!  Its going to be stripey but without a set plan of when I'm changing colour or anything like that.  I've got a small colour palette I'm working with which is bringing it all together nicely.  There are some definite tension issues caused by my badly wound on warp threads, but we're just coping with it and deciding that it'll be function and wonderful whatever it comes out like.  Even if its wonky and all over the place!  That said, weaving is so much faster than knitting!  I'm looking forward to the day I'm able to buy a decent rigid heddle loom!  (I've been working from this tutorial on the Kaliko blog.)

Woven Scarf

That wraps up this particular creative week.  I hope to be posting a weekly Crafter's Diary so you can see my progress on my projects and keep your eyes peeled for a garden related post full of pretty pictures of flowers!  Stay home and stay safe everyone!