A Crafter's Diary: 18th April - 1st May 2020

Unfortunately I missed posting last week, and yes, I'm well aware that this week's post is running late too!  This will therefore be a post full of mostly photos, except for the Finished Objects section where I will put a little more details!  I'm still working out what format I like for these posts, eventually I'll settle down into a format!  As ever, the title links go to my Ravelry project pages and are only visible to Ravelry members.

Finished Objects
This time, I'm going to start by sharing my finished objects!

Plying Experiments
As the title suggests, this is an experiment.  I have three cones of probably-cotton lace weight laces that I had intended to use to make mesh bags for loose grocery shopping on my knitting machine.  Unfortunately, none of the yarns are strong enough on their own so I decided to see what happened if I plied them all together!  This is the result!  It is very pretty, but very twisty.  I essentially took 3 nicely balanced yarns and added lots of twist to them.  I'm letting them rest, but then I will be blocking them to see what happens.  My hypothesis is that it will remain twisty, but I can hope!
Weight: 130g
Length: 457m
Time Taken: 1hr 44m

Patriotic Patriotic

Glitzy Mallard
Fibre: Glitzy Mallard (70% merino, 30% rainbow-dyed tryilobal nylon) purchased at World of Wool.
Yarn Construction: 4-ply cable (singles spun Z 18:1, first ply S 18:1, second ply Z 10:1)
Weight: 85g
Length: 153m
Time Taken: 6hr 19m

Glitzy Mallard Glitzy Mallard

Knitting Is My Yoga Socks
Pattern: Knitting Is My Yoga
Yarn: 23g MintBee BeeSuper in the Fruit Salad II colourway
Needles: 3.00mm Addi Sock Wonder
Size Made: Small (56 Stitch)

Knitting Is My Yoga

Granny Square Basket
Pattern: Plain Square Pattern from The Needlecraft Book by Maggi Gordon
Yarn: 150g Stylecraft Candy Swirl in the Sugar Plum colourway and 53g Ewe've Been Fleeced Natural Jacob DK
Hook: 3.25mm

Crochet Basket Crochet Basket

Works In Progress
At least, the ones I've been working on...

Melody Jumper
Still going round and round working my way up the body...

Melody Jumper

Shield Maidens
A new WIP this week, making a gorgeous pair of socks, so far, I have completed one sock.  I will knit the next when my shawl (see below) is finished!

Shield Maidens

Trick of the Light MKAL Shawl
Clues 3 and 4 were completed on time.  I am currently partway through Clue 5, the final clue!

Trick Of The Light MKAL

Stash Aquisition
Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn
Despite lockdown, some new stash courtesy of Wool Warehouse came my way this week!  Some Cascade Hertiage Sock Yarn in colourways Bordeaux (purple), Golden Yellow and Cinnamon (orange).  The plan for these is probably obvious - SOCKS!  In fact, the Bordeaux is already turning into my Shield Maiden socks!

Cascade Heritage

Connecting With Me
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