A Crafter's Diary: 9th - 15th May 2020

Another week has trundled past, it doesn't seem long since I was writing last week's post!  This week has been a little quieter on the crafting front.  I've done a little spinning, some weaving and some knitting.  I was however distracted by feeling the desire to sort through some more stamps so the last couple of days have mostly been spent looking through old stamps to see whether I want any for my collection - the answer is yes, many, so I've been cataloging them.  I'm now at the stage where I can put them in my album.  The weather has been sunny but cooler this week so doing things outside hasn't interrupted my crafting time like the stamp collecting has!  Now, let's see what I've been making shall we?

Gotta start somewhere, so let's start with weaving because its got a finished object this week!

FO - Mystical Scarf
Last week, I shared my new loom with you and also the start of this project, my Mystical Scarf.  It is a warp-dominant scarf (which for the non-weavers reading this, means the threads that run the length of the scarf).  I did this because I wanted to show off the beautiful variegated yarn from Countess Ablaze.  I used DK weight yarns in my warps and to make them dominant, I used a thin crochet cotton for the wefts.  I'm doing some serious stash-busting at the moment so I used up some crochet cotton in lilac and continued in blue after doing a fade between them.  You can see that in one of the photos.  I am unbelieveably proud of this scarf!  Its final measurements, after wet finishing, are 245cm (96 1/2 inches) long and about 26cm wide (10 inches).  The width varies slightly over the course of the scarf and my edges are not entirely straight.  I'm informed by the wonderful ladies in one of the Ravelry groups that I frequent that straight edges will come with more practise.
Warp Yarns
- 104g (58 ends) Countess Ablaze Grande Merino DK in a Rebel Batch Colourway called "Dan Mumford: Orchestra of Wolves"
- 37g (32 ends) Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value in colourway "838 Silver Grey"
- 29g (24 ends) Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value in colourway "992 Pink"
Weft Yarns
- Jomil Mercerised Crochet Cotton in colourway "Lilac" (I used up my remaining stash of this)
- Si Whoosh Crochet Cotton in colourway "Blue"

FO: Mystical Scarf FO: Mystical Scarf FO: Mystical Scarf

WIP - Magic Wrap
For my next project on the loom, I dug through my yarn stash and found a bright and bold selection of glittery yarns in pink and purple that would make a lovely coordinated warp and pale pink yarn that would make a delightful weft.  I'm making what I'm calling a "magic wrap".  Essentially, it will be a wide rectangle of fabric.  It will have buttons and buttonholes that will allow me to wrap it around my body in a selection of styles - cardigan style, bolero/shrug style, shawl style and a variety of others.  I am weaving the fabric first and will add the buttonholes and buttons after finishing the fabric (so that all the shrinkage has occured before I make the buttonholes!).

Magic Wrap

There has been a fair amount of knitting action this week.  For those of you who have been following along regularly, you'll know that I've been working on the Trick of the Light MKAL Shawl.  Last week, I had a disaster in the final lace section and has a result that project is still in time-out this week.  I've been soothing my knitting mojo with some nice easy projects.

Melody Jumper
I am still plodding away on this jumper, still knitting my way up the body.  There is barely any difference from last week it feels.  I've decided I'm going to clip a progress marker into the row I'm currently on so we can see how many rows I actually manage to get done over the following week because I've genuinely no idea!

Melody Jumper

Sky Scarf
Now, this is a project that should have featured very regularly on this blog, but for reasons, that include the knitting of a MKAL Shawl, its been a little abandoned.  The idea behind this project is that at roughly midday every day, I take a look at the sky outside and pick two colours from my selection of 5 that represent it.  I then knit two rows per day in garter stitch.  I started this on the Winter Solstice 2019 and will keep going until the Winter Solstice 2020.  It seemed more appropriate than going from 1st Jan - 31st Dec.  Unfortunately, although I've been great at logging down the sky colours, I've not been doing much knitting on it for a while.  So I spent a long time this week catching it up.  I'm pleased to say that this photo is the sky, knit up to Wednesday.  I intended to do Thursday and Friday's colours yesterday, but as mentioned above, I got distracted by my stamps, so I'll do three days this evening.  I hope you'll be seeing this scarf feature regularly from now on...

Sky Scarf

Sunset Silk
There hasn't been much spinning action this week, but I have been having fun adding to my tiny silk single.  The ultimate goal for this is a two-ply yarn that will hopefully go well enough with a skein I spun on a spindle to finish a doily.  I have hope it will work out!  I've still got quite a bit of fibre left to go, but there was definite growth this week!

Sunset Silk

Connecting With Me
So that's it for this week.  I hope you enjoyed another look into my crafting world!  In case you missed it, I also wrote a new post this week that focuses on one of the bird species that visits my garden.  I used to keep three blogs running simultaneously but decided to merge them all into one, which is this blog.  One of them is no longer something I particularly feel like blogging about, but the other I do like to share here shows my love of nature.  I hope to share some more nature photos and stories with you through this blog.  You can find my latest nature blog post over here.
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