A Crafter's Diary: 16th - 22nd May 2020

Hello and welcome back to my little corner of the internet.  This week has been a little low on crafting content it seems, no finished objects this week sadly but plenty of works in progress still progressing well!

WIP - Magic Wrap

I've been continuing to work on my Magic Wrap which I showed you last week.  Weaving has been going very smoothly on this and it has been enjoyable to work on this while sitting out in the garden.  Still a bit to go though.  As I've been working on it outside, this picture shows you the weaving on my folded up loom, in case you're wondering about the angles.  I was being a lazy photographer and thought it looked quite nice.

Magic Wrap 

I have also got the buttons for this now!  This should probably go in stash acquisition, but I'm gonna slip it in here because its related!

Buttons for Magic Wrap 

WIP - Melody Jumper
Work has been progressing well this week.  I remember to add a progress marker in which is clipped onto the last stitch I had in last weeks photo.  So I've managed about an inch this week which I think is a good effort personally.  Unfortunately, I could only find a Santa progress marker, so I guess we get to be unseasonable for a while...

Melody Jumper 

WIP - Shield Maidens
My Shield Maiden socks took a little bit of break, but I decided I should really restart them this week, so here we are!  I have done all of the cuff chart and am now working my way down the leg.

Shield Maidens

WIP - Sunset Silk
This is such a time consuming spin!  Its also not as easy to draft out mulberry silk compared to a nice fluffy cloud of wool.  But there is good news, this is a finished single now!  It needs to rest a day or two but then I'll be plying it into a two-ply yarn using an Andean ply method.

Sunset Silk 2

Stash Acquisition
I've had two different wool orders arrive this week!
First up is my Wool Warehouse order - the buttons for the magic wrap, some lovely soft Drops Nord and some Opal Claude Monet!  The buttons obvious have a project in mind, and the Drops Nord does as well.  Drops Nord is actually a favourite yarn of mine to use on the knitting machine which is what this is destined for.  Although the exact project you'll have to wait to see!  The Opal Claude Monet is a sock yarn and I will probably use it to make a fairly plain pair of socks as I think the gorgeous striping will show to best advantage that way.  I'm not sure whether it'll be a socks by hand or socks on the knitting machine yet.

Drops Nord, Opal Claude Monet

I also received an order of yarns I'm intending to use for weaving!  These are large cones of DK cotton which I purchased at Yarn On Cone.  I intend to use the natural and some of the colours to make a beach blanket type mat thing.  The colours I'm also planning to use to make some dishcloths and towels to practise various techniques.

DK Cotton Weaving Yarns 

So that's this weeks crafting in a fairly short post!  I hope you've enjoyed this look into my work!

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