A Crafter's Diary: 23rd - 29th May 2020

Hello again!  Welcome back to the weekly update where I show you all the things I've been working on this week!
Before we start, there will be some extra activity on my Instagram and here on this blog throughout June as I am joining in with the Wildlife Trusts campaign - 30 Days Wild.  The aim is to do something to appreciate nature and the wildlife around you every day throughout June.  Its a lovely campaign and I've done it a couple of times before in previous years too!  The daily posts won't be featured on the front page of my website (but round up posts will be) but there will be a nice link to all my posts in the menu bar above!  I hope you'll join me for a Wild June!  Right, on to the crafting!

WIP - Magic Wrap
Let's start on the loom shall we!?  My current weaving project has been going very well.  I finished weaving the fabric for this wrap!  I took it off the loom and immediately went ahead and finished the ends.  This time, I used my sewing machine to stablise the ends with a zigzag stitch and then made a double-fold hem.  I knew from the start that I didn't want a fringe on this piece so I made sure I wove a header at both ends to stablise the fabric.  Its worked beautifully!  I then went ahead and washed it to allow the yarns to poof a little to let it do any shrinking it wanted to do.  It has ended up at 85 inches by 20 1/4 inches which isn't far off my estimated measurements (82 inches by 19 inches) - I call that a win considerating I didn't sample!  In order to finish this off, I need to sew on some buttons and make some button holes!

Magic Wrap

WIP - Melody Jumper
Not a lot of knitting has occured this week as I've been having achy hands from knitting and doing things like playing the piano too much.  But I have managed to put another inch on my Melody Jumper which I consider as good progress!  The little Santa shows you where I ended last week!

Melody Jumper

Machine Knitting
FO - Chrysanthemum Socks
Last week, I showed you a lovely new skein of sock yarn I'd brought.  Well, this week, I whipped that skein into a beautiful pair of socks!  I used my standard recipe which you can find under the patterns section of this website!  I love the way the colours go together.  This was a quick and easy make because I wanted a new pair of beautiful of socks and a finished project and I wanted them right now.  Ah, the joys of speedy projects on the knitting machine!  Anyway, I'm in love with these and they fit so nicely!

Chrysanthemum Socks

WIP - Spring Tulips - Red Wine
A while back I dyed myself some lovely wool in four bright shades, this one I've called Red Wine.  I originally had plans to make them into one big skein, but as I was spinning this one, I discovered that the dye hadn't set properly and I was getting red hands.  As this is the darkest shade, I decided to finish up this skein and then I'd give it another boiling bath with some citric acid to try and set the dye better for the next stage.  I do rather like the colour though so I hope that doesn't change too much!  (Also, although this skein is finished, the whole project is all the colours so it isn't counted as complete until then!)

Spring Tulips - Red Wine

WIP - Tale As Old As Time
I've been very much enjoying this one this week.  Prior to this week, I had finished one bobbin of singles.  This week, I plied that bobbin into a nice 2-ply and then spun the rest of the fibre into a singles.  I hope to ply that this weekend!

Tale As Old As Time

WIP - Sunset Mulberry Silk
This project has been a right pain in the proverbial behind this week.  I wound it off the bobbin into a nice ball.  Then I attempt to take both ends of that ball and wind it into a plying ball.  It did not want to play game.  It has driven me mad and I've lost some singles due to terrible knots.  In hindsight, I should have done either a proper Andean ply or (even better) split the fibre onto two bobbins and done a traditional 2-ply.  Lessons learnt for next time :(  But, we don't talk about the silk right now in this house...  Hopefully this time next week I'll be happily telling you that I've managed to successfully ply it...

Sunset Silk

WIP - Autumn Hedgerow
Because I was getting annoyed with the mulberry silk above, I decided I needed a happy project so I dived into my stash box and pulled out a lovely braid of fibre.  This is Autumn Hedgerow by Crafty Cats Knitty Bits and it has been a dream to work with.  Not to mention I love the subtle rainbow going on in the finished yarn!  Still got some spinning to go on this one.

Autumn Leaves

Connecting With Me
That's it for this week, look forward to seeing you for my Wild June and in my crafting round up for next week!
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