A Crafter's Diary: 13th June - 26th June 2020

Totally didn't forget to write a blog post last week.  Definitely not.  Really I didn't...

Okay, I did.  But its okay, I'm writing one now!  Turns out I don't have much to show either for two weeks either.

FO: Circus Clown
First up today, I both started and finished this project since I last posted.  I think I showed you the fibre that I dyed for this last time - some beautiful brightly coloured Polwarth batts.  The yarn has ended up at roughly DK weight and came in at 103g and 220m.  Not bad going.  I've not spun Polwarth before and it basically spins just like merino - not something I'd want for say a jumper or socks but great for accessories!

Circus Clown Circus Clown

WIP: Melody Jumper
Let's get this out the way quickly.  I have been working on this.  Slowly plugging away at it.  The picture shows you how much progress I've made since this last appeared on the blog - the Father Christmas is clipped onto the last stitch that featured in the last post!

Melody Jumper

WIP: Edith SocksI'm really enjoying these socks.  I have now finished the first sock and have started the second sock.  Its a nice lace pattern - easy to memorise, I just have to remember not to get carried away and stop to turn the heel!


FO: Trick of the Light MKAL Shawl
This is the project that I have been working on most.  Its been nagging me in the back of my mind that I really ought to get this fixed because I'd love another light weight summer shawl.  You might remember from about a month ago that this project had an unfortunately large hole caused by a dropped stitch in a complicated lace pattern.  I decided to frog back to the start of that lace section as it was a colour change and easy to make sure I picked up the right number of stitches.  So I've been reknitting the lace section!  I decided to stop earlier than the pattern says because it was coming up a lovely length for what I wanted!  The bind off was pretty epic and felt like I was doing it forever, but I got there in the end and I'm really really pleased with it!
The yarn is Patons 100% Cotton 4-ply in colours 1692 Cream, 1734 Candy and 1726 Jade. 

Trick of the Light MKAL Trick of the Light MKAL

So I think that's everything for today - have a great week!

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