A Crafter's Diary: 27th June - 3rd July 2020

Hello!  How has your week been?  I hope its been a good one!

This weeks post will focus mainly on spinning because its that time of year when the Tour de France usually rides.  For those who don't understand why that means I will focus on spinning, when the Tour de France is on there is a spinning challenge called Tour de Fleece.  The basic aim is to spin a little bit every day that the cyclists ride.  You can set your own little personal challenges or goals and I find it great fun!  More on that at the end, I thought I'd start by sharing the other two projects I've worked on this week.

FO: Magic Wrap
Yes, its finally finished!  All I needed to do was to sew on the buttons and make the button holes, but I just didn't seem to be in the mood for it ever.  But it is finally finished and I love it.  The basic idea is that the buttons mean I can do it up in various ways.  The buttons were easy enough to sew on, they're just buttons after all, but the buttonholes required more though.  I did a few samples - first I tried just a sewing machine buttonhole.  That functioned perfectly, but didn't look nice.  Then I tried a handsewn buttonhole using the same yarn as I made the wrap from.   That looked beautiful, but the weaving unravelled (definitely defeats the point).  So finally, I decided to combine the two - so I first made a sewn buttonhole and then I did a lovely buttonhole stitch in the pale pink yarn.  It turned out rather lovely!

FO: Magic Wrap

WIP: Yellow Shawl
I know, imaginative name.  It'll probably get a new name eventually.  But I spun some gorgeous yellow yarn earlier this year and I really wanted it to be a shawl!  Its coming up lovely so far, however, I'm now out of yarn and am trying to decide whether to buy more of the same fibre, switch to a different colour or start again.  I've got plenty of other things to work on, so its going to sit and be indecisive for a while longer!

WIP: Yellow Shawl

Tour de Fleece 2020
This year's Tour de Fleece started on 27th June.  Unfortunately due the pandemic, the cyclists aren't riding but the people who run the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry decided that we should go ahead with it anyway which I'm very happy about.  My main goal this year is to spin up a beautiful 500g custom blend that I purchased from Wingham Wool.  Its a blend of 5 different colours of merino to make a lovely bright rainbow braid.  The yarn itself isn't coming out so bright, but that's to be expected as the colours merge together more and so mute each other.  I've also been working through a few long WIPs.  I got my Book Charkha out and finished up a lovely spin I had on there too.  On Ravelry, there are daily threads where you post a summary picture of each day and I thought I'd include them here for your viewing pleasure, so here are the first 7 stages of the Tour de Fleece!

Finished skeins so far:

  • Two skeins of the custom blend - 147g, 340m and 133g, 310m)
  • One skein of "Unicorn" (pastel rainbow) - 41g, 144m

All going rather well!  I hope if you're taking part in Tour de Fleece that you have a great time doing so and if not, that you enjoyed seeing my progress photos!

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