A New Diary, 17 Jan 2018

Today is the 17th January 2018 and I have decided to start a new diary.  My name is Basil and I am a mouse.  This mouse in fact:


I live in a luxurious home with my brother, Pumpkin.  Pumpkin is often thought of as being "cuter" and "fluffier" than me because of his long fur.  I am often a little bit jealous of this, however, I excel in other areas of life.  I suppose you would like a picture of him too, so here is Pumpkin:


Moving on though, we live together in a wonderful house.  Our house has three storeys, linked together by wooden ramps and surrounded by metal bars with 3 doors in the side and an openable roof!  The bottom storey is a bit like a basement.  Its full of bedding, sometimes colourful, sometimes grey and sometimes just shredded paper.  I enjoy digging in this bedding.  The basement usually has a wheel for me to run in, a food and water bowl, a little house to sleep in and a few other toys.  The middle storey usually just has a layer of kitchen towel or toilet roll on the bottom.  It makes a very nice carpet, although I do occasionally rip bits up to use in my nests.  This storey is nearly always covered in toys and also has a second bed.  I like to think of it as our playroom.  It's nice to have a bed in the playroom.  We can play and eat to our heart's content and then just crawl into the nearest bed when we get tired!  The final level, up the top of our house, is again usually covered in toys, but more often these toys are climbing toys rather than chew apart or crawl through toys.  I have a great love of climbing, I like to call this the gym.  There is also usually a second food and water bowl in either the playroom or the gym.

You might be wondering why I say usually in all of this.  You see, my humans like to mix up our toys and rooms and change the location of our things.  This is usually a very exciting time.  It usually occurs every week, but we're two days overdue today so we're waiting in eager anticipation of the event.  We get let out on to the big flat surface (I think Mummy said it was a table but I'm still not sure) and allowed to play with all our toys at once.  Then Mummy makes some strange noises and does some things and eventually we lose toys one by one until we're left with just one or two.  Then we are taken back into our home and discover all the toys that got removed and lots of exciting places to explore.  It smells all clean again, so we set to work making it smell like us again!

We are two very happy mice.  I love my humans and my brother (although sometimes I hate him - what can I say, we're brothers!) and I can't wait to continue this diary for your delight!  However, it is very late now, the sun has properly risen and my human is sitting doing her knitting beside me and as such, I must stir myself to my bed.  Before I go, one last picture of my brother and I to cheer your hearts.  Good night!

 Pumpkin & Basil