Spring Garden 2018

Spring is definitely in the air in my garden today!  The weather has warmed up a bit so I've got buzzing insects, lots of birds and plenty of spring flowers blooming to brighten any cloudy day.  Here's a few highlights, I'll start with some flora highlights and then move onto the fauna.

In one section of my garden I can't mow the lawn at this time of year because its full of beautiful Sweet violets in three different shades.  These are delicate little flowers but together make an impressive display in an otherwise dull patch of grass!

Sweet Violet Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Some other lovely flowers around my garden include daffodils, hyacinth and grape hyacinths.


Multi-headed Daffofil

Grape Hyacinth

In addition to the early flowers, I've also got some pretty little leaf buds forming on my, pear, apple and acer trees.

Pear Leaf Bud

Apple Leaf bud

Acer Buds

One plant that has really surprised me this Spring is my chives in my herb garden.  Last years growth died off and I didn't know whether it'd grow back or I'd have to plant some more.  However, I think you'll agree I'm going to have plenty of chives this year!


 Finally I thought I'd share some photos of our slowly emerging insect life who are happily feeding on our early flowers!

 Beefly on ivy

Shield Bug on Sedum

Peacock Butterfly on Aubretia

Finally, my favourite photo this morning...


I hope Spring is coming to your gardens too, have a lovely day!