Grey Tonal Embroidery Silks

This collection of 10 colourways features hand dyed embroidery silks that have been dyed to create a tonal effect with a grey base when used in a project!  They fade between a fully saturated shade and grey.  They are on 50m fine silk thread which is approximately equivalent to 2 strands of DMC Stranded Cotton and are shipped on the bobbins.  Each colourway is dyed so the colours fade in the same order, but individual bobbins may have their colours reversed and the length of each colour may vary between batches.
All silks are dyed in small batches of 2 - 4 bobbins worth and every batch is given a number to ensure you know which threads match with each.  You can find all current stock in my Folksy Shop, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to commission a colourway.

Grey Tonal Red

Grey Tonal Orange

Grey Tonal Golden Yellow

Grey Tonal Yellow

Grey Tonal Light Green

Grey Tonal Green

Grey Tonal Blue

Grey Tonal Dark Purple

Grey Tonal Purple

Grey Tonal Pink